Your SatNav4Business Guide to Business Direction

Before setting out on a journey you have usually decided where you want to go. Choosing the direction to set off in is often more complicated, and there may be alternative routes to the same destination. The same applies to your business journey. Having considered all the options and made a strategic decision on the best direction, you set off. Do you have a strategy for changing direction if conditions change, or if you meet obstacles along the way? Or will you just be thrown off course?

How can SatNav4Business help you?

Use our SatNav4Business Resources to choose your direction and develop strategies to deal with obstacles preventing you from reaching your destination. Choose from the Menu in the right hand column or click on the title of the item you are interested in below for details.

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An Overview of Strategic Choices


Strategy Choices Workshop


Strategy Review


We are always happy to advise which SatNav4Business Planning option will help you to succeed – please contact us. Our Strategic Planning Support Service offers online or face-to-face reviews to help you monitor your progress, update your strategy and stay on track. We can provide as much or as little support as you need, at a pre-agreed price, so there are no unexpected costs.

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