Your SatNav4Business Guide to Business Settings

You can set up a device like a Satnav to operate in a way that suits you – choosing ‘preferences’ for how it will display information in the format that is most useful for the way you drive, how it deals with certain situations, and so on.

This helps you to stay in control, with all the relevant information at your fingertips. Likewise, in your business, you can put systems and procedures in place such that you can control how your business develops, and how you monitor things to make sure you meet your objectives within a given timescale.

As with a journey, you can review progress measured against these settings and make the necessary adjustments to maintain your business performance across all key areas. But what initial settings to make, and by how much you need to adjust them going forward, is a real challenge. It’s essential to get the balance right!

How can SatNav4Business help you?

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Our Business Settings Support Service offers online or face-to-face reviews to help you monitor your progress, update your strategy and stay on track. We can provide as much or as little support as you need, at a pre-agreed price, so there are no unexpected costs.

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