Business Borrowometer Reading or Financing Health Check £200.00

We use the same information you would produce to your bank or other lender to assess your business’ ability to borrow, report on this to you and compare it with your existing facilities

We look at:

  • Your last set of annual accounts
  • Management accounts for current year to date
  • Debtors and creditors
  • Conduct of your bank account
  • What you do

We report back on:

  • what we would lend to you
  • how that would be structured
  • why
  • we compare this with any current facilities you have

Financial Management Review £200.00

Check out your existing financial management practices and the quality of management information you see today. Compare this with what you could have and look at possible improvements.

We look at:

  • How your accounts are set up and dealt with
  • What reports are produced
  • What is done with them
  • The aging of debtors and creditors
  • Reconciliation of your bank account
  • How much you understand about your business finances

We report on the above suggesting possible improvements and areas for attention

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