Developing A Marketing Plan £5.99

The only way for a business to genuinely survive and thrive, especially in increasingly competitive times, is to have 100% focus on its marketing efforts.

Every business must ensure that its marketing efforts are focused on getting plenty of new customers coming in, lots of inactive customers coming back and all its current customers purchasing more. An effective marketing plan will drive your business towards achieving its targets. It will allow your business to take advantage of all the know-how, thinking and under-utilised assets that you own but are not fully exploiting.

Your plan will identify all the tactics and actions that are needed to achieve your company marketing strategy with a timetable for implementation. In other words, your marketing plan will describe how you will achieve your sales and marketing targets.

E Mail Marketing £5.99

Email marketing is one of the most powerful customer relationship and customer acquisition tools available to marketers. You can communicate your messages quickly and cheaply. You can also tailor your message to specific types of customer more cost-effectively than with paper-based marketing – one reason why email is continuing to replace paper communications.

However, you should plan your email marketing with care to make it relevant, well-targeted and interesting to recipients. You also need to be aware that you must always obtain their consent before sending them marketing emails.

This factsheet shows how to get customers’ permission to receive email from your business and how to ensure you reach the right people. It also covers how to monitor the effectiveness of email marketing and newsletters and the legal issues you need to be aware of.

Forecasting Sales £5.99

Forecasting potential future sales is a crucial part of setting up or running any business. The forecasting process is an important part of any successful business plan, especially if you hope to raise finance. This factsheet will explain the importance of forecasting, describe the various methods and show you how to interpret the results. It also contains detailed graphs to help you understand the process as well as useful hints and tips.

Identifying the Opportunities and Threats to your Business £5.99

In every business there are pluses and minuses. Some of these (Strengths and Weaknesses) apply to the internal aspects of the business and others (Opportunities and Threats to the environment in which the business operates. Examining these and deciding how to deal with them is a key issue for business owners. This fact sheet talks you through some techniques of doing this with examples.

Profiling your Target Market £5.99

Before your business can realistically or effectively begin a marketing campaign, you will need to be able to answer two vital questions:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What does your target market want or need that your business can provide?

Without detailed and precise answers to these questions it will not be possible to define your marketing strategy, or implement an effective sales and marketing plan.

This factsheet provides guidance on defining your target markets and customers, and the importance of accurately understanding their needs.

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