SatNav’s ‘Growing Your SME Business’ Package – follow the road to success!

Stage One – The Free Hour.

We offer your business a free and informal one-hour consultation (with no obligation to use any of our services) simply to establish: where your business is currently ‘at’; how much you know about SatNav4Business; what our services can offer you; and how much you would need to budget if you decide to take things to the next stage.

We will guide you through a series of questions, and listen carefully to what you tell us about you and your business, and what you need to do next to move forward. They will typically cover areas such as:

  • Where did you discover SatNav4Business?
  • Please give us a brief ‘potted history’ of your career or business background, skills and experience, and your role in the business going forward.
  • What’s your current business all about (products and/or services)?
  • What can you tell us about your target market, your pricing, and your business development plan?
  • What is the total budget, and the finance available to your business as of today?
  • How do you plan to achieve all your business goals over the next year, and the next five years (including the people and resources you will need)?
  • What help are you looking for from an organisation like SatNav4Business?

Your answers will help us to suggest the best business support package for you, and what it would cost. You may then decide to move on to

Stage Two –What’s our Starting Point?

This 4-hour session will continue to examine your business and your aspirations for it. What do you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term future, and what products and services should you be offering to the customer to help you get there?

Will be asking questions like these:

  • Where are we now?
    • Financial data
    • Non financial information
    • How good (and accurate) are they?
  • Where are we heading (with timescales)?
    • Your personal objectives (short and long-term)
    • What is your Current Business Strategy?
    • Will this deliver your objectives?
    • Do you actually have a written Business Plan?
    • What will your new Business Strategy and Objectives be?
  • What obstacles are getting in the way?
  • What may you need to adapt or change?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Have you yet identified any ways in which SatNav4Business can help you get there?

Stage Three – Physical Business Overview. This 4-hour ‘hands-on’ session at your premises will give us a financial and operational overview of your business. We will be:

  • Reviewing your financials and business processes
  • Touring the physical business to:
    • Understand how it works
    • Identify any particular issues or barriers to progress
    • Meet the people
    • Relate the physical aspects of your business to your financials

Stage Four – How are we going to get there?

This one and a half day session is to prepare for the implementation of your plan. Now that you have a clearer idea where you want to go, it’s time to choose the exact route and the mode of travel. Along the way we will identify obstacles and hurdles, and decide how to overcome them.

We will be:

  • Creating a sound financial model for your business
  • Fine tuning it so it will provide the growth and results you require over a five year period
  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  • Asking ourselves:
    • is anything getting in the way now?
    • What could possibly get in the way in the future?
    • What may need to change?
  • Creating a business development plan based on this analysis and the results of any previous sessions you have had with us
  • Possible add-ons
    • Client / customer acquisition plan module
    • Client / customer retention plan module

Stage Five – Implementation!

This full-day session is probably the most crucial stage, as we prepare to put the plan into practice.

We transform the theory into a plan of action, with specific details at every stage, including:

  • Physical changes that need to be made, including:
    • Systems (eg technology)
    • Structure
    • Processes (eg HR / operating manual)
  • People changes required, such as:
    • Job specs
    • Performance Management
    • Management changes
  • Marketing and Sales changes
  • Financial issues

Stage Six – SatNav4Business Review and Practical support

We offer a total of three days’ additional mentoring support to make sure the plan is on course with reviews, and we recommend you break it down as follows:

  • Three hours per week in month 1
  • One and a half hours per week in month 2 &3

Naturally, we will be available to help you further, with the time charged at our favourable rates for existing customers.

Ongoing Reporting

One day of support time is also built into the programme, so that as the plan unfolds, reports will be generated to provide you with a clear overview of the each stage.

How much does it cost?

The full seven and a half days of our Growing Your SME Business Package costs just £4,575 (+VAT).

Payment plans

This SME plan can be either paid upfront or £5000 split to 50% payable in advance and then 50% spread over on an invoicing structure, for example £1250 on acceptance of the draft business plan and the remainder on production of the draft implementation plan

Individual units (stages) may be purchased but only paid for in full in advance

Next Steps: Call SatNav4Business on 0303 040 1585, email success@SatNav4Business or complete the contact form here to arrange your free one hour consultation

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