SatNav’s KickStart for StartUps Package – follow the road to success!

Stage One – The Free Hour.

We offer your business a free and informal one-hour consultation (with no obligation to use any of our services) simply to establish: where your business is currently ‘at’; how much you know about SatNav4Business; what our services can offer you; and how much you would need to budget if you decide to take things to the next stage.

We will guide you through a series of questions, and listen carefully to what you tell us about you and your business, and what you need to do next to move forward. They will typically cover areas such as:

  • Where did you discover SatNav4Business?
  • Please give us a brief ‘potted history’ of your career or business background, skills and experience.
  • What do you see as the key differences between being employed and running your own business?
  • What’s your business idea (product and/or service)?
  • What can you tell us about your target market, your pricing and your business development plan?
  • What is the total budget and the finance available to your business today?
  • How do you you plan to achieve all your business goals over the next year, and the next five years (including the people and resources you will need)?
  • What help are you looking for from an organisation like SatNav4Business?

Your answers will help us to suggest the best business support package for you, and what it would cost. You may then decide to move on to

Stage Two – Will it Fly?

This 4-hour stage is to explore the longer term prospects for your business, and to take a more in-depth look at the financial aspects.

Once again we will explore a series of simple questions, such as:

  • Is your business idea really viable, both today and for the foreseeable future?
  • How much income you need to pay your personal bills, and do you have a reserve to cover them?
  • Who is going to buy your products and services, in what quantity and at what price?
  • What are the approximate costs of making this all happen?
  • How soon will your business generate enough profit to cover your personal outgoings (after paying the business costs)?

By the end of this session we will give you our unbiased and frank opinion regarding the long-term viability of your business, and tell you whether we believe you are in a sound practical and financial position to move forward confidently, with our help if you wish.

Stage Three – The One-Day Business Plan

If you have reached the stage on your SatNav4Business journey, our one-day intensive business workshop (which may optionally be split into two half days) will help you to map out the future growth of your business for the medium to long term.

During the day we will cover many of the practical issues that a start-up business needs to address in order to build a firm foundation for growth.

The topics covered will include:

  • Setting Objectives
    • Why?
    • What?
    • When?
    • How much?
    • Making them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
  • Your Background & Business History
    • Personal History
    • Business History
    • Business Objectives
  • Your Products & Services
    • Details of your Products/Services
    • Who are your suppliers/subcontractors?
  • Marketing & the Market
  • Choosing the best Legal Status for your business.
    • Sole trader
    • Partnership
    • Limited Company
  • Choosing a Business Name
    • What and How
    • Branding
    • Protection
  • Sources of Finance
  • Tax Issues:
    • Personal Taxation
    • Corporation Tax
    • National Insurance
    • Value Added Tax
  • Pricing
  • Your Cost Structure:
    • Fixed costs
    • Variable costs
  • The Dangers of Under-pricing

Stage Four – Know your Marketplace

Having addressed many of the practical issues of starting out in business during Stage 3, this 4-hour session is your chance to research exactly where you sit in the marketplace, and discover what competition may be out there.

Our topics are:

  • The Marketing Mix
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Research – why do we need to do it?
  • What influences people’s choices to buy?
  • Practical Marketing Exercises
    • Features and Benefits
    • Do You Know Your Customers?
    • Maximising profits – unique selling points.
    • How can I:
      • Increase my customer base?
      • Find new customers?
      • Ensure that I keep my existing customers?
    • Your Marketing Action Plan
  • Preparing Your Research
  • Desk Research
  • Field Research
  • DIY or buy it in?

Stage Five – Getting your Message across!

However fantastic your product or service may be, it’s clearly not going to sell if nobody knows about it. So in this 4-hour session we’ll be considering:

  • The message in your mind – are your brand values still intact at this stage?
  • What do your clients and prospects want to hear?
  • Practical Networking Exercises

a.Why should you go business networking? b.What or who are you looking for? c.Your 60-seconds elevator pitch d.Following up Is your message consistent across all your marketing materials? Closing Sales On-going engagement with your Customers and Prospects

Stage Six – Making the Money Work!

This 4-hour session looks in some detail and critical financial aspects your business, including revenue and costs, with topics such as:

  • Forecasting sales
  • Profit and Loss Forecasts
  • Cash Flow Forecasts

Stage Seven – Evaluation – Preparing for Lift-off

Whether you will be using the business plan and developed with our help, or a pre-existing one, this 4-hour session is a form of ‘beta testing’ where we run through the plan with you and scrutinise every detail. We are looking to make sure every aspect of the plan is workable and that we have contingency measures in place if things don’t go according to plan!

We’ll look at:

  • Objectives
  • Practicalities
  • Understanding
  • Forecasts
  • Financing

Stage Eight – Implementation!

This full-day session is probably the most crucial stage, as we prepare to put the plan into practice.

We transform the theory into a plan of action, with specific details at every stage:

  • We include everything that needs to be done between now and the new business going live
  • Each action has an allocated time (and deadline)
  • All actions are prioritised, so that you can monitor progress and identifying any shortfalls before they turn into problems

By the end of the day you will be fully prepared to go ahead and start building your successful business. If you require practical support and help with implementing any aspect of your plan, please ask us, and we will put together and cost a package for you.

Stage Nine – SatNav4Business Review and Support

We offer a total of one day’s additional mentoring support to review how the plan is progressing, and recommend you break it down as follows:

  • One hour per week in month 1
  • Half an hour per week in month 2 &3

Naturally, we will be available to help you further, with the time charged at our favourable rates for existing customers.

How much does it cost?

The full five and a half days of our Kickstart Package costs just £2,000 (+VAT)

Payment plans

Option 1 £2000 (+VAT) paid in advance

Option 2 £1200 (+VAT) and five monthly payments of £240(+VAT), total £2400(+VAT), work progresses in line with payments received

Option 3 Monthly payment of £230 (+VAT) over 12 months, total price £2760 (+VAT) work progresses in line with payments received


Clients may choose to purchase individual units but this is only available against payment in full in advance for all those required.

Next Steps: Call SatNav4Business on 0303 040 1585, email success@SatNav4Business or complete the contact form here to arrange your free one hour consultation

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