An Introduction to Intellectual Property £5.99

Intellectual property (IP) enables people to own their creativity and innovation in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of IP can control and be rewarded for its use. Examples of intellectual property are computer programs, new inventions, magazine articles, drawings, photographs, books and training material. Intellectual Property is encountered in business regularly. It is important to understand IP rights so that a business can protect its own, and avoid infringing other people’s.

This factsheet gives an overview of each of these rights and briefly describes how to obtain them.

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Business Planning £5.99

Every Business Plan should contain this. An explanation of the suggested content for each area that ought to be covered in any business plan.

Drawing Up Terms & Conditions of Trade £5.99

Before providing a service or selling goods, you and your customer need to be clear about the terms and conditions that apply to the transaction. This becomes particularly important when there are problems in a transaction, but equally important for seemingly mundane questions like when you require payment to be made or what happens if you do not deliver on time.

This factsheet describes the most important terms and conditions that need to appear in contract between you and your customer. These points can help you understand the content and purpose of these contracts, and can give you a basis for drafting your own terms and conditions; in the final instance, though, you will need to consult your solicitors and insurers to produce a useable document.

Helping You Choose A Business Idea £5.99

Finding and refining an idea that you can turn into a successful business is often the first and hardest stumbling block for many budding entrepreneurs. Many people know they want to run their own business, and have the aptitude to do it, but struggle to get started and pin down a viable idea. Others may be tired of the nine to five, longing to be their own boss, but struggle to pin down that illusive business concept. The following 25 questions are designed to let you explore areas and provide inspiration to help you ditch the day job and get started in business.

Pricing your Product or Service £5.99

Setting too high a price for your product or service can lead to lost sales. Undercharging can eat into your profits and possibly result in you being unable to deliver on your contracts. The prices you charge should reflect your costs on the one hand, and the strength of the market on the other.

This factsheet provides guidance about the things you should take into account when setting your prices, and the other calculations you should make to benefit the sales and profitability of your business.

Understanding Balance Sheets £5.99

A Balance Sheet is a snapshot of the financial aspects of your business at any given moment in time. Understanding that picture is a key skill in managing your business successfully.

Understanding Profit & Loss Accounts £5.99

All businesses have to prepare a profit and loss (P&L) account as part of their annual accounts. However this calculation is also a valuable part of your monthly management accounts. A P&L account shows exactly what has happened in a business, in terms of income and expenditure, during a specified period.

This factsheet explains the profit and loss account, and details the key terms you need to understand. It also provides hints and tips, and guides you to sources of further information.

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